flatMap(Oslo) 2018
3-4 May 2018, Oslo Norway

Declarative Control Flow with Fs2 Stream


fs2 is a purely functional streaming library, with support for concurrent and nondeterministic merging of arbitrary streams. Concurrency support means that we can use Stream not only to process data in constant memory, but also as a very general abstraction for control flow: whilst IO gives us an excellent model for a single effectfull action, assembling behaviour with it often has a very imperative flavour (pure, but still imperative). This talk will introduce fs2 combinators by example, and will hopefully show how we can model control flow in a declarative, high level, composable fashion. In particular, we will focus on concurrent combinators.

Fabio Labella

Fabio Labella

I’m a Senior Software Engineer based in Edinburgh, UK, working in Scala in the financial industry. I also actively participate in Open Source (as SystemFw): I’m one of the maintainers of fs2, and a contributor to cats, shapeless, http4s and most of the other libraries in the Scala FP ecosystem. I have a passion for helping people master advanced concepts (e.g. see here or here), so hit me up on Gitter if you have a question!