flatMap(Oslo) 2018
3-4 May 2018, Oslo Norway

Are you writing Java in Clojure?


As you first begin to program functionally, you grasp for tools like map, filter, and reduce, and you think you’re done.

Then you start to realise there is this other thing, composability.

In this talk I’ll demonstrate how Java programs often lack the composability property. I’ll then proceed to show what this looks like when translated to Clojure. Finally, I’ll provide some techniques to avoid this all together and write code that is truly composable.

Erik Assum

Erik Assum


Erik works as a tech lead at Ardoq, a company in the EA space. He’s a mainly a backend programmer, but tends to work wherever the code is bad enough. Given time he’ll eventually drift into some sort of devops role while trying to figure out how to run the current project even better.

Lately, he’s been lurking around open-source Clojure projects looking for easy bugs to fix. This is his way of paying back to the community.