flatMap(Oslo) 2018
3-4 May 2018, Oslo Norway

Akka: A Best Friend (Forever!) for your Backend-for-Frontend


PagerDuty has been breaking apart a monolithic codebase and replacing it with microservices which directly power customer-facing APIs. These microservices need generic edge concerns (like authentication) handled for them, and they need easy ways to provide data to end-users. That data is usually delivered in response to HTTP requests, but increasingly also delivered “live” via WebSockets.

Backends-for-Frontends (BFFs) is one pattern for addressing those needs. Attendees can expect to learn about the BFF pattern and how PagerDuty implemented it using Akka HTTP to proxy API requests and aggregate data, and Akka Streams to deliver live data from Kafka to our end-users.

David van Geest

David van Geest


As a Senior Software Engineer on the Core Team at PagerDuty, David works on mad-scientist projects designed to solve difficult, systemic problems experienced by other engineering teams. This means building services, libraries, or other shared infrastructure, often in Scala.

David lives in Toronto; he enjoys playing board games, cooking, and installing Linux on everything. You can usually find him cycling about the west end in search of tasty food and beverages.