flatMap(Oslo) 2018
3-4 May 2018, Oslo Norway

Scala for Java developers


Attendee preparation:

  • Install SBT
  • If you want an IDE to work with follow the instructions on Scala site

Scala and functional programming can be scary at first for those of us coming from the OOP world. With a bunch of new concepts such as immutability, first-class functions, implicits, and a ton of language features, it is easy to get overwhelmed when jumping into Scala. We will take a look at some of the major advantages of Scala and why you should start using it. Walking away from this session you will have a good starting point for starting with Scala without needing to know what monads and applicative functors are.

Magnus Härlin

Magnus Härlin


With a love for functional programming and automation Magnus Härlin from SpeedLedger works with agile development. He focuses on automating the entire chain from testing to continuous delivery to be able to deliver high quality software.