flatMap(Oslo) 2018
3-4 May 2018, Oslo Norway

Free All The Things!


Have you ever asked yourself why we only free monads? Turns out there are a lot of other structures that want to be liberated from the constraints of their existence! In this talk we will investigate what other poor (algebraic) structures we can free from the dirty hands of imperative programmers.

Our journey starts with the well known Free Monads, but after that we will have a look at all the other interesting structures that can be freed and of course we will also look at what we can do with them.

Knowledge of type classes like Monads, Applicatives and Functors is beneficial but not required.

Markus Hauck

Markus Hauck


Markus Hauck is an IT Consultant/Scala Hacker/Scala Trainer at codecentric AG in Germany. He loves functional programming and languages with powerful type systems. His favorite member of One Direction is Liam, becauseā€¦ well that is the member at index 1, which was randomly chosen using a RNG.