flatMap(Oslo) 2018
3-4 May 2018, Oslo Norway

What Haskell taught us when we weren't looking


Haskell, the pure and lazy functional programming language, has now been around for more than 25 years. It had a profound influence on many other programming languages on the JVM: Java, Clojure and Scala and elsewhere: Purescript, Swift, Go (just kidding, not Go :-)).

In this talk you will discover which Haskell constructs have made it to mainstream programming languages and change the way you program today. You will also get a glimpse of the features which are yet to be transferred for our greatest benefit. Warning: after this talk you might be tempted to try the real thing!

Eric Torreborre

Eric Torreborre


I am a Scala / Haskell developer, promoting the use of Functional Programming to sell fashion at Zalando in Berlin. As a member of the Scala community, I created libraries like specs2, eff and I love to share my experience about testing or functional programming at conferences or on my blog.